Executive Committee

Supervision and direction of the day to day running of the Association.

The day-to-day running of the Association is under the control of the Executive Committee to supervise the Council Commission which consists of:

The Officers from the Foundation Members of the Association:
1) Deputy Chairman
2) Secretary
3) Treasurer 12.

A quorum for Executive Committee meetings is 50% plus one.

The members present will elect a chair for that meeting.

Minutes of Executive Committee meetings must be taken and made available to all Association members.

The Executive Committee has the following powers and responsibilities: Supervision and direction of the day to day running of the Association. Preparation and presentation to the Annual General Meeting of a written annual on the Association and its activities (annexing the annual accounts and the Treasurer's financial report). Appointment of sub-committees, whose membership must include at least one member of the Executive Committee, to which it may delegate powers and duties on such terms as the Executive Committee thinks fit. Vacancies on Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee may appoint a Foundation Member to fill any casual vacancy on the Executive Committee until the next annual general meeting.

Any Foundation Members so appointed must retire at the next annual general meeting but may be elected as a member of the Executive Committee at that meeting.

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